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Texas Hill Country Renovation and Installation of a
Fireside Franklin Gas Stove

Love these stoves.
I have bought 5 so far!!!

I bought our first Soapstone Woodburning "dream" house in 2003. We had checked out many different stoves and heard the heating capabilities with soapstone is the best. We installed the Fireview and it has proven to really put out a ton of heat and it is a beautiful piece of furniture. Matched the color of the tile perfect also! The employees are very helpful at this company.
The next project house had a spot that an old fireplace was removed, so to use the "hole" in the wall that was left and also make use of the old chimney, I got a Fireside Franklin gas stove. This is also a beautiful stove and I don't have to mess with adding wood to it. It is in the master bedroom, and I didn't want to carry wood to that end of the house!

Next "in progress" renovation project is an old barn built in 1940 that I am making into a guest house. It is 2 floors and over 2000 square feet. I just ordered 2 Franklin gas stoves and one of the smallest cottage style stoves for the largest bedroom. These will all run off of propane and be the only heat source for the old barn. The look of these stoves will be perfect with the rustic decor and be beautiful to look at. There isn't a way to run central heat with all the exposed rafters and this way to heat the barn is fool-proof even if the power goes out.

Love these stoves. I have bought 5 so far!!!!”

Carol D. in The Texas Hill Country

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